Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Glory days

On Tuesdays it seems fairly common practice for members of my fat club group to starve themselves, to give themselves the best possible chance at the weigh-in that evening - that, and wearing their lightest clothes, taking off all jewellery and trying to do a poo moments before they go in.  I have always thought these antics pretty ridiculous - JUST STOP EATING PIE AND CHIPS I want to shout. 

However, as I stepped onto the scales last night I found myself pathetically telling the barrel of a lady weighing me:

'I am wearing much heavier jeans this week, and I didn't do my usual poo this morning, AND I have got my period'. 

The lady, without even looking up at me, muttered: 'You've lost a pound' took my five quid, then beckoned for me to get off the scales, still without looking at me. 

My friend (a fellow fat club member - in fact it is her fault I started this whole thing) and I then went for our obligatory pint of cider and packet of crisps in the pub down the road, not before going via Spar and picking up three Cadbury Button eggs for £3, and then eating them under the table at the pub.


  1. Imagine if you'd had that poo!!! But seriously, crisps and chocolate? You're going to have to find some extremely lightweight jeans. :-)

  2. haha, apart from the chocolate and crisps I am being pretty good - honest! And managed to get off that 12 stone mark yay! (i admitt, i am not the worlds strictest dieter tho :-) x

  3. I'm so glad I found you (via Fancy, that woman has all the connections)...This post has made me feel immediately less guilty for stuffing my face this evening with a takeaway curry, despite vowing to go on a diet as soon as my holiday ended.

  4. Hiya fat mummy,

    I was catching up to see how you are getting on

    Rather well it seems...ha!

    I can't talk, I saw a photo of me from behind yesterday. ooh not a good look!

    keep going xx

  5. mothers always right - thanks for visiting! don't worry...curry is most definately allowed while dieting - in my world anyway :-)

  6. thanks DC - yes the behind shots are particularly distressing - know it too well! x