Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Creme Egg and Cider diet

Last week started off fairly calmly, and I had been happily chomping my way through small portions of pasta and fat-free tomato sauce for every meal.  But by Friday I found myself in the middle of a serious crisis with one of my best friends - it has been horrendous.  This lead to me either forgetting or not having time to eat. 

I survived solely on Smoky Bacon crisps, Creme eggs, and Easter eggs (I have been raiding the kids hidden supply given by grandparents - needs must) and lots of Bulmers Original, for five days before my weigh-in yesterday.

The large Slimming World Consultant asked how my week had been.  I just shrugged, but almost cried.,  I felt like asking how her week had been and why she felt qualified for this job.  I looked around at the other members, most of which are very skinny elderly ladies, and wondered why on earth they came to this group.

I was weighed and had lost another 3 pounds.  It is amazing what a bit of stress and chocolate does for weight loss.  Now where's that Creme Egg...?


  1. Just goes to's all about portions! ha. glad you didn't go the other way when you've got enough on your plate...

  2. by the way, have you popped over and "introduced" yourself? I'm hosting Introducing for Mother's Always Right this week and next.

  3. i will pop over and have a look - thank you! x

  4. Sounds like you are doing really well!! Sadly I also put on four stone when pregnant but tragically I was more heavy than youare now when I started. So I am really feeling frumpy and overweight. Have done SW on and off for years and know it can work but your mindset has to be there (even if you sometimes swap piles of pasta for a creme egg!) Not something that's right for me at the mo. But good luck though with losses of 2lb a week and more sounds like you are doing fab!

  5. Hey, I got a heads up about your blog from Fancy's Introducing post so I thought I'd say hi. I have also recently joined slimming world and some weeks it's an uphill struggle. Creme Eggs are the devil's chocolate and I'm sure they actually cast spells on me! I can't be held responsible for my actions, or at least I tell myself that *hides in shame*

  6. I am on the stress and chocolate diet too - doesn't really help me lose weight, but on the upside I get to eat a lot of chocolate.

    Just found you via Fancy's introduction. Love the header image, now following :)

  7. Hi, found you through Fancy. This SW sounds a little too hard core for me. I've recently started the Zone, that's about the most I can handle!
    Good luck!

  8. i totally agree Jenmum - the mindset has to be there - and so many times for me it hasn't been! hoping it will stick this time!

    thanks for popping by Claire - an uphill struggle indeed! - my problem is i am a classic textbook comfort eater. i a gree creme eggs are the devils chocolate - they cause serious addiction

  9. Manana Mama - i will never be able to sustain weight loss on the chocolate and stress diet - must have been a fluke! thanks for coming by

    Moomser - hi there, thanks for your comment - what is the Zone?! Good luck!