Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I am away at the moment, but being the truly dedicated dieter that I am (ahem), I tracked down a Slimming World group just down the road from where we are staying, and it just so happens to run on the same day as my group back home - I love the symmetry of this - keeps things nice and neat.

Considering that we are on holiday, I have been pretty good - hardly any wine consumed, and only the odd packet of chocolate buttons here and there. We have been eating out a lot (who wants the chore of cooking on a holiday) but there hasn't been a burger in sight.

So I went to this group yesterday evening, and what a jolly bunch of buxom ladies they were! The leader was so very lovely and commended me for my commitment to the cause.

I am not sure that the effort of going to a fat club whilst on holiday, and only losing half a pound, was worth it, but it's good to be sociable - I sort of viewed it as an excursion, and enjoyed the ten minute respite from my kids.


  1. Good on you, thats dedication!

  2. Hey, call it dedication, call it a holiday from your holiday. Whatever. Hang in there! Vacation is always one way or the other for me: gain 5, lose 10 (usually diarrhea related). Now that I think of it, want to follow this trip up with one to South America? That's an idea...x